Furniture Production

Used extensively throughout the furniture industry as sound dampening stops and buffers.They reduce noise and absorb shock. Will also be found under glass to prevent the glass slipping when used in conjunction with glass top furniture.

Glass Industry
Used as non-slip spacers under glass to prevent glass from moving and to take up any shock and vibration. Also used regularly on kitchen chopping boards, coasters and glass top protectors in hotels, offices and homes.

Electronic Devices
Widely used as non-slip feet and spacers on all manner of audio, medical, telecoms and general desktop units. Allows for heat dissipation when unit gets hot.

Domestic Appliances
Stabilizes and prevents appliances from slipping or rocking. Allows heat dissipation and polyurethane will not mark the surface on which it sits.

POS Displays & Signs
Owing to their clarity, BumperStop™ Protectors are used under a huge variety of acrylic counter display units to prevent sliding. When used under coloured displays they will blend effectively with the colour of the unit.

Used as protectors for fragile objects to prevent marking and sliding. Often adhered to the display surface rather than the exhibit.

We have many customers across a wide variety of crafts who use the product as protective feet on glass, ceramics, lighting and much more.

Around the Home or Office
BumperFeet have a multitude of uses around the home too numerous to list here. But wherever there's a problem that requires sound dampening, non-slip properties of protection from marking, then we're sure you're likely to find a solution here.